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British Columbia

This province forms most of Canada's Pacific coast. Vancouver, the Provincial Capital, is an important business centre.

Corporate Searches

British Columbia corporation or business name/ partnership search. Turnaround time usually 2 business days.


British Columbia Personal Property Security Registrations System . These reports include any liens against an individual or company involving personal property or assets used as security for a loan or lease on a vehicle. Turnaround time usually 2 business days.

Real Property Sub-Search

Real property search of the Land Titles Registry in British Columbia. Turnaround time usually 2 business days A sub-search provides details of recent transactions involving real property. These transactions include transfers, mortgages,deposits,certificates of pending litigation etc. A sub search does not provide enough information to determine the quality of the title.

Assessment Rolls

The British Columbia Assessment system contains records of non-confidential assessment information for all real property in the province. These records combine the most current ownership information with the most recently published assessment information, including: roll number, property address. mailing address, legal description, PID Parcel Identifier) number, names and addresses of owners, land values and use. This system can be searched by name, legal description, street address and registration or title number.

Mobile Homes

The British Columbia Registry of Manufactured Homes can be searched by individual's name, business name or manufactured home registration number, (this is the number given out by the Manufactured Home Registry at the time of registration), or by the manufactured home's serial number. This last method should only be used as a last resort as several manufacturers may use the same numbers.

Revised: 4 Mar 2008

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