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The Bankruptcy file database contains a record of all bankruptcies and proposals filed in Canada from 1978 to date. It also contains a record of all private and court appointed receiverships filed in Canada from 1993 to date. All petitions that have been registered in our offices are also available in the database. The data is obtained from Industry Canada, The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. Turnaround time usually 2 business days.

Search for Trade Mark Design ownership.

Turnaround time 1 week.

Search for Trade Mark - Word Mark ownership.

Turnaround time usually 2 business days.

Search for Canadian Patent ownership information.

Turnaround time usually 2 business days.

Search for Canadian Industrial Design ownership.

Turnaround time usually 5 business days.

Registered vessel transcript from the ship registry.

Turnaround time usually 7 business days. Please note that this search is for large yachts and ocean-going vessels, not small pleasure craft.

Divorce Search

This search locates the court holding the records of a particular divorce. Once the court, title of action, and court file number has been determined, you may order the copies from the court files.

The court records associated with a divorce are court records that are available to the public unless the file is sealed by the court. These records are kept at the Supreme Court of each province. The divorce file will usually contain the marriage certificate which will state if one of the parties was divorce or widowed. The Decree Nisi from the previous marriage will also be filed. Turnaround time usually 2 business days.

Share Holder Search

Details of stock ownership of companies traded on the Canadian Stock Exchanges. Ownership of shares must be at least 10% of total share holdings in the company to be listed. Turnaround time usually 1 business days.

Civil Actions involving a Company


The Commercial Law Record database contains records of civil actions involving companies as parties to the action. The database begins in the spring of 1989. Over 600,000 records of most commercial legal statements of claim and judgements filed in court houses throughout Canada are contained in the database. Quebec records are only available from July 1989 to September 1992. Turnaround time usually 1 business day.

Revised: 1 Mar 07

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