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Due Diligence

Due diligence research may have a different focus for each company conducting it, but it should always proceed from a sound foundation. Our 17-point research reports provide a view of the activities, character, structure, and repute of a business or organization.

  1. Incorporation jurisdiction
  2. Solvency (bankruptcy search)
  3. Corporate filings
  4. Inter-Corporate Ownership
  5. Previous mergers, acquisitions, amalgamations
  6. Locations, parents, subsidiaries
  7. News about the company, its products, and key executives
  8. Key Executives' biographies
  9. Key Executives' affiliations
  10. Liens
  11. Litigation and judgements (Civil and Criminal)
  12. Assets, including real property, and Liabilities
  13. Securities Commission filings and share ownership
  14. Regulatory compliance
  15. Intellectual property
  16. Commercial credit report
  17. Environmental Infractions

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Revised: 22 Jul 10

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