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If you must perform investigative research on people or companies, and need to conduct the research quickly and accurately report your findings, then these workshops will give you the tools, techniques, and sources you need to succeed.

Investigating People -- from Birth to Grave

How to conduct direct and parallel research to get the facts using the telephone, databases, contacts, and public records. The use and abuse of "pretext" calls is also examined in detail. We can concentrate on litigants, claimants, experts, witnesses, business personalities, or any other class of people.

Lifting the Corporate Vail at Home & Abroad

How to uncover the assets and activities of companies in Canada, the USA, and overseas. We can focus on the Corporate Debtor, Acquisition Target, or Competitive Intelligence.

Turn the Web into Intelligence

Discover the tools, techniques and sources that produce the best, quickest, and least expensive results from the vast information resources on the Web. We will also show you how to save, organize, and document what you find so that reporting becomes a snap.

Turning Information into Knowledge

You will learn how to collate, evaluate, analyze, and report what you find using common desktop software. Learn how to use software to find connections between people, places and things. Learn how to use MS Excel to simplify reports. Learn how to organize and produce long complex reports.

Revised: 6 Mar 08

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